Sunday, 12 May 2013


hello everyone! so, basically i decided it was probably time i started a 'proper' blog where i can talk about things i love, things i've bought and new releases in a bit more detail, so please bear with me as i think my writing skills will need slightly brushing up, but hopefully i will get the hang of it!

i decided to start with just a little post about my trainer pick-ups from the last 1/2 months, it was so tempting to keep adding other pairs into it from a while back but managed to restrain myself! so hope you enjoy!

my most recent pick up this week was the women's air max 1 - white/glass blue from the safari pack in 2009. one of my most favourite colour ways in the pack, next to the black and salmon pink pair. i have literally been searching for these in my size for years, managed to grab these for a sensible price and gave them a quick spruce with jason markk sneaker cleaner and they are good as new, just praying for the sunshine to come back out so i can wear them! they are a little fragile with them not being stored to the best, but it's nice to have a pair in the older air max 1 shape, not a pointy toe box in sight!

i've been very girly with my trainer colour choices this month for once it seems! next is the beautiful reebok women's classic leather 'pastel pack' in subtle pink/paper white and pure silver - i am a complete sucker for a reebok classic, this is a release from a few months ago in celebration of their 30th anniversary in the women's size pack there are 3 other colours available including a lovely soft lilac, a muted creamy beige colour and also bright yellow, perfect colours for the summertime to wear with dresses and skirts. i am made up with these they are put together beautifully the soft cream and pink compliment each other perfectly and they are amazingly comfortable! i have kept the pink laces in mine, but i am tempted to lace swap for the cream as it might just give that extra pop from the upper detailing - i just worry how long i will be able to keep them perfectly clean for!

perfect end to what seems to be a very summery collection of shoe pick ups for me this month are the stefan janoski 'digital floral' release, with janoskis being one of my favourite all time shoe silhouettes i didn't even think twice about buying these when i saw them. with them being an in-store only release it was slightly tricky being able to acquire a pair, but thankfully it worked out in the end. a very daring pattern for me, usually i tend to stick to the black with coloured accents in the janoski, but though i'd jump in the deep end with these. i was so happy when they arrived to see they where made from the same thick canvas as my anthracite / british tan pair, which means they are exceptionally durable! and also that when i compared mine and my friend's pair the print was slightly different on either. a gorgeous shoe, and although the madness at the time of release for people to get their hands on a pair put me off initially i'm now looking forward to cracking these out through summer!

and last but by no means least, my absolute cop of the month! the nike x patta denim cord air max 1 QS from their 2009 release following their initial 5th anniversary colab with nike. with patta and nike being 2 of my favourite brands i was so stoked on managing to grab these in a teeny uk4.5, which i never ever thought would happen. i scooped them up at crepe city sneaker event in april this year for an amazing £90! i think a lot of people had bypassed them as they where a little dusty, but nothing a lint roller and a little TLC can't fix! be sure to keep your eyes on the crepe city twitter and facebook for more event details, it was an amazing event this year with so much sneaker heat on show and a great vibe through out. i would recommend, even though the queue was all the way around the block!


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