Thursday, 30 May 2013

not just for the boys

taking the reins and proving it's not just for boys anymore, billionaire boys club have recently released the first staple goods for us girlies under the label billionaire girls club. although there has been previous releases of tees and vests, for me this release is the first thing to have got my interest fully gaged! for now the hoodies are only available in their flagship store in the US but i know soon it should be heading over for a release in UK waters! i absolutely love the hoodie graphics, the 2 black releases being my favourite. i think it's a feminine design but still in-keeping with the boyish charm of streetwear and the idea of pinching your boyfriends clothes - as they just always seem to be a ton nicer! also it's perfect to have something that will be sized to a girly frame no big shoulders! i also love the little heart motif with it's chompy mouth complete with dollar sign.

i recently left my intern at a number of names* and was given a billionaire boys club hoodie as a leaving gift and was amazed by the quality, and how amazingly snuggly it is! so now i'm keeping my beady eyes peeled for info on the BGC release! for now, you can check out the collection over at and the hoodies are available here and here priced at $160. i'm super excited to see what other collections follow for billionaire girls club, i could think of a few things i would love from the brand and their galaxy all over print always has me weak at the knees!

- also lock in to bbc/icecreamEU on instagram and twitter for first BGC UK release info!


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