Friday, 28 June 2013

cake skate

images taken from skateboard cafe

so, recently i stumbled upon skateboard cafe after searching for weeks to discover where everyone seemed to be getting these rad doughnut tees from - and instantly fell in love. i am a fool for a mint chocolate chip, raspberry ripple and chocolate sauce at the best of times so immediately fell for every product this brand had to offer. unfortunately in the mists of poverty i'm watching my dreams of owning the 'double d' t-shirt slowly fade away as quite rightly it begins to sell out!

skateboard cafe are a uk based brand from bristol, focusing on skate clothing and boards with a unique twist through the excellent print designs. each collection relates back to the cafe concept, which of course means sugary treats, cakes and drinks! who doesn't love that! the brand recently launched their website at the start of this month and have printed a selection of the 'double d' hoods to co-inside with this. 

everything is limited which i love, i think it keeps the excitement in being involved and buying from a brand - who doesn't love sitting pressing refresh to grab something on release day? and anything with a true laid-back, cali skate feel too is awesome. it's a fun sport and it's refreshing seeing prints like this and the bold colour use-age. skateboard cafe also have a skate family of their own, be sure to keep eyes on their facebook page for their escapades both in the uk and abroad.

i've put together a selection of my favourite pieces from their current collection, though as it seems to be nearly all sold out i'm very much looking forward to their next release! i've honestly been living in a hole to miss out on this brand for so long, which i feel so terrible about - but i guess thats where you have to take your hats off to social media platforms that keep the circulation of images going. 
keep up the good work guys!

and never fear, if you can't see something on their web store - check out their wholesale accounts which are listed below to see if there is stock left in your favourites!

Fifty Fifty - Bristol
Legacy - Darlington
Note - Manchester
Lost Art - Liverpool
Slugger - Sheffield
Parlour - London
Welcome - Leeds
Decimal - Stroud
Drug Store - Norwich
Consortium - Bournemouth  

skateboard picks!
mint choc chip pullover - £60 - sold out
double d t-shirt - £24 - here
mint choc chip board - £41 - here
krispy as f*ck t-shirt - £24 - here
double d pullover black - £60 - here
neapolitan 5 pannel - £30 - here
krispy as f*ck board - £41 - here

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