Sunday, 30 June 2013

hot safari

as they say as one door closes another one opens, as one pair of trainers i finally manage to get my hands on...theres always another to add to the collection. this week i managed to get my hands on a pair of women's air max 1 - black/black-hot red safaris from the 2009 release! 

i am so so excited, i have been looking for these for so long, and i never ever thought i would manage to grab them in such a perfect condition too! (high five to rosy for parting with them and giving in to my hassling of wanting to buy them!) these are from the same pack as my white/glass blue safaris i mentioned in my first post on this blog, and have to be one of my favourite releases ever! i love safari print, suede and the pop colours that are heavy featured throughout the whole of this pack.

the inner and eyelets are coloured in this most amazing salmon/hot pink which just sits with the black so perfectly and gives the shoe and amazing girly pop, with it being the only colour featured. the swoosh is in a really soft and almost fluffy black suede which sits on an upper of beautiful black safari leather, the ankle wrap and front of the shoe are also set in safari print - you could almost say the entire body of the shoe is safari, resembling it to a wild cat (makes me wish someone would cross breed a black panther and a leopard) leaving the paws in a soft fur like suede.

this leads me on to my favourite feature of this shoe and the main reason in which i set my sights on owning this particular release...the toe box detail - i love so much how it is set in only suede and sports mesh. it's this detail which reminds me of many of my favourite asics releases that feature an all colour toe box - a design feature that i wish more nike releases had. needless to say i am smitten with these and never taking them off. this also leaves me with a hard choice of which out of my new purchases to wear at sneaks and peaks next month where i'll be selling the new young reckless hearts collection with a little help from my 2 girls!


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