Wednesday, 10 July 2013

''my adidas and me both askin p, we make a good team my adidas and me!''

so, i've been gone for a while busying about with the new young reckless hearts release ready for sale at sneaks and peaks next month! so stay tuned for my post for more info regarding that, but  for now i got some exciting new sneaks to post about!

first up is my pair of adidas ZX700 white/beige women's pictured above! 
i had to pull a super quick one in getting my hands on a pair of adidas for an interview last weekend, and being a lover of nike silhouettes i've always struggled to find the perfect women's adidas. luckily came across these babies, which i had never seen before ever! i had wanted the tech super to begin with, but with leaving it way to late into the release struggled to get my hands on a pair.

the zx700 is from the heritage line of adidas originals, these retro babies are brought up to date by the leopard print sock lining, and baby pink pop features. PERFECT for us girls, who just want a pretty but practical sneaker colour - pastels are perfect, princess glitter is not!

the shoe has a nylon upper in white and the most beautiful soft cream suede on the upper details and nose. the heel stabiliser (which is perfect for me as i walk on the outside of my heels) is in baby pink to match the 3 stripes and gives it the perfect lift to an otherwise simple colour way. the feature i love the most is the leopard lining and the trefoil logo embroidered in black, so so subtle. 

this is a perfect women's release and i am so made up with them, maybe this is the turn for adidas making lovely women's releases? needless to say i love them, despite buying them in a rush and worrying of my choice when they did arrive and i tried them on i found they where super comfy and even though i was dubious - really easy to match with my wardrobe (even though im a great lover of monochrome) the only issue i have with these and this could be due to me having to buy a size 5 instead of my usual 4 as it was out of stock, is the way the nylon toe box creases, which is a real shame!

the leopard print follows on from a number of releases from the brand that have featured the fantastic but sometimes over done print, but from what i've seen from the adidas women's look book for the season, there is nothing pat butcher about this!


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