Saturday, 28 September 2013

elisha francis x fresh laces

currently lusting over these limited edition bracelets by elisha francis in colab with fresh laces. the sneaker lifestyle blog/pop-up event team have joined up with elisha to create these more than perfect bracelets perfect for any sneaker chick! 

one of the limited edition bracelets, and a personal favourite amongst the fresh laces team is the jordan 4 (seen above) in 9ct gold plated sterling silver with either black onyx beads or matt black agate beads (my personal favourite) this sneak is also available in sterling silver or black rhodium set with black onyx beads and with a retail price of £68 they are a great gift idea as it's coming up-to christmas!

also available are nike dunk lows, jordan 1, inneva woven and a classic converse! will be interesting to see what other sneakers get a makeover in gold in the future for this colab, but till then the jordan 4 is for sure top of my christmas list! 


stella mccartney x adidas - spring/summer 2014

earlier this week at one of london's finest fashion calendar events 'LFW' opened its doors to showcase the best for spring/summer 2014. one in particular i was excited about was stella mccartney's new collection for adidas spring/summer 2014 - someone pinch me now because i have died and gone to sports luxxe heaven. 

the collection features plenty of soft feminine colours (something stella pushes for in her 'make-workout-wear-feminine' design aesthetic) plenty of mixed media fabrics - swimsuit fabric, mesh, fleece and jersey, teamed together with gorgeous fashion forward prints and the most fantastic pattern cutting/construction that i have been crying out for in women's sports fashion.

the presentation itself was built up of separate sections - live yoga, spinning, synchronised swimming, spinning and studio workouts. giving you drive and inspiration to get out there, workout and look incredibly good while doing it.

"It's very much to inspire people to have pride in themselves, their performance, to push themselves, It's really exciting during London Fashion Week to be able to showcase it with sports performers."

the colour palette is literally to die for, heavenly soft pastels and my favourite mint green colour. the seam construction of the peach bomber jacket is incredible! the raglan t shirt 2 piece in green with cream sleeves is something i would wear outside the gym, but still functions with all the clima aspects of sports performance wear. 

an assortment of mint, dusty pink, neon, black and greys scatters all over the collection. bringing each piece to a sophisticated edge with pop colours to define those details. cut out details ensure everything is kept feminine and making sure those silhouettes mould to your body.

i have always been excited to see a summer collection from stella as i have been intrigued as to what direction she would go in for swimwear - its safe to say she hasn't disappointed, going for an ultra feminine but functional 2 piece and pastel swimsuit with cut outs in all the right places - complete with sandals and bag to match.

needless to say i am in love, this is my dream collection and i cannot wait for it to become available! 
stella, i salute you! x

adidas x stella mccartney will be available in the up and coming spring/summer '14 period

available from: 
adidas leeds trinity - albion street
stella mccartney - fulham road


Friday, 27 September 2013

get fit!

so, i spent some time working at nike last year as a mens running specialist, where i got the chance to get clued up with nike + technology and their footwear. running and going to the gym seems bigger than ever at the moment, myself i love the gym! nothing makes me feel better than a good workout and if you're going to get involved in getting yourself up and fit you need the right shoes for the job!

i would fully recommend any serious runners out there to go and get their gait tested. this is a test that involves you running on a tredmill for a few seconds while a camera captures the movements in your ankle and foot when you land. by slowing these images you can then advise the best shoe for the amount of support you need! however if you're not going to be the next mo farrah a neutral or cushioned shoe will not do you any harm at all!

below i've put together my top picks of trainers for training, each fall into one of 3 categories;

check it out below and get that pair perfect for your next workout -


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

my favourite piece of clothing

so coming into the winter months my new favourite piece of clothing is my bape varsity from the 2008 fall/winter collection. i'm a sucker for most things vintage bape - despite the fact some of my purchases have set me back up-to £100. i desperately hunted this jacket down for 4 months before finally finding it in a size small - and of course i'm smitten with it! 


patta x wolf

in true support of wolf, the dutch film company Habberkrats has partnered up with one of amsterdam's best - streetwear brand Patta to produce a special patta x wolf capsule collection of 6 products that includes a tracksuit, 2 statement tshirt's, beanie hat and a crew neck. the collection has an amazing sports luxe feel which patta time after time encapsulate so perfectly in their releases.

the collection is inspired heavily by local ambiance and the amsterdam fashion aesthetic. the collection incorporates the gritty, raw mood and imagery throughout the films backdrop. the bold prints (which i am a sucker for within sports/street brands) produce a perfect contrast and bold statement, teamed with branded back prints in classic old english type which patta are well known to use - the collection is perfectly cohesive and fashion forward heading into the winter months.

the tracksuit is by far my favourite piece, close up behind it is the black tshirt featuring 'patta x wolf' back print. the jacket caught my eye as i love the construction and cut also the use of the contrasting tracksuit fabric in black. the separation of the sleeves into half pattern/half black gives the garment a real high fashion feel - a lot of thought has gone into this collection design, something that i think patta continue to deliver to a higher standard with each collection. the brand understand less is more, and how delivering a smaller, perfectly thought-out collection works better than any large product drop.

i have no doubt the collection will be an instant sell out, with retailers set to release the collection october 4th. named stockists within the uk are patta official stockers hanon and the hideout. japanese retailers are set to announce in the next coming weeks along with patta themselves who will release in-store and online. keep your eyes peeled over the brands instagram and twitter account for drop times!

the hideout


Friday, 13 September 2013

week instagram!

had quite a few exciting deliveries this week! picked a few of my favourites from my recent instagram snaps to showcase for you! 

first up was the much awaited arrival of my nike air max 1 women's 'unofficial pigeon' - i've had these on hold at size? in leeds for months now, waiting for my first payday to treat myself and boy, was the wait worth it! they are my new favourite shoe for sure, the colours sit even more perfectly together than i could have anticipated (you may remember my post when the first images surfaced of this colour way - here) the grey sections are all super light suede, the toe is a really great thick sports mesh in brilliant white and the peachy sole is just the icing on the cake! 


so winter is coming, back to the icey cold mornings and frosty starts. but never fails to remind me of my first queue experience for a shoe release. this is still one of my favourite photographs, taken by my friend vicky grout. early 7am starts to be the only girl in the queue waiting for the asics gel saga x footpatrol release. i must say an experience never to be repeated, i can't hack the all nighters some people pull now! but a good experience, with good vibes and was treat to dinner by my mum afterwards! feels good to have a shoe that reminds you of someone or a day in your collection!

vickys cargo collective // flickr


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