Wednesday, 25 September 2013

my favourite piece of clothing

so coming into the winter months my new favourite piece of clothing is my bape varsity from the 2008 fall/winter collection. i'm a sucker for most things vintage bape - despite the fact some of my purchases have set me back up-to £100. i desperately hunted this jacket down for 4 months before finally finding it in a size small - and of course i'm smitten with it! 

you cannot fault the quality in older releases from brands, and of course going for the more high end stores means less chance you're going to bump into someone wearing the same as you! in my eyes you get what you pay for and you cant beat a good staple coat/jacket especially in these british temperatures! varsity's are also a great way to add a tom boy-ish twist to a girly dress and trainers combo - a brilliant way to channel the sports luxe trend!


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