Friday, 13 September 2013

week instagram!

had quite a few exciting deliveries this week! picked a few of my favourites from my recent instagram snaps to showcase for you! 

first up was the much awaited arrival of my nike air max 1 women's 'unofficial pigeon' - i've had these on hold at size? in leeds for months now, waiting for my first payday to treat myself and boy, was the wait worth it! they are my new favourite shoe for sure, the colours sit even more perfectly together than i could have anticipated (you may remember my post when the first images surfaced of this colour way - here) the grey sections are all super light suede, the toe is a really great thick sports mesh in brilliant white and the peachy sole is just the icing on the cake! 

also, more impressive than anything is the shape, a lot of people have been finding the new releases slightly spoony/banana shaped - but i seem to hit the jackpot with an almost perfect shaped pair! safe to say i am never taking them off, thankyou nike for making such a gorgeous women's colour way choice.

next up on the list of 'things i have lusted over for too long before buying' are my rockwell by parra ostrich swim shorts! as many people know anything featuring artwork/design by parra i am all for no questions asked, and with these shorts from the 'rockwoll spring/summer 2013' collection it was no exception. instantly fell in love with these shorts, that where available in a range of 3 colours.

 i also love that rockwell online offer rewards of 'eurorocks' with every order you make so managed to get these for 37EUROs with my discount and free shipping! although as usual, i ordered shorts just as the weather decided to turn! though this winter i've decided to keep with the long tee's as dresses and shorts, and then layer on top with knit and heavy winter coats - so these shorts will be getting rocked, rather than stocked until summer!

rockwell by parra - ostrich shorts available via

and last but by no means least are my adidas tech super 2.0 in black/white leopard print. probably one of the most difficult general release shoes i have ever tried to get - i had so much determination to get this mens release in a size uk 4 and glad i didn't give up the hunt as they are perfect! 

they arrived in gorgeous branded packaging which was refreshing to see, such attention to detail from adidas! and they fit like a dream. i have always wanted a pair of tech supers since i saw the first women's navy blue leaf pair, but wasn't convinced i would have much to match as blue can be tricky! 

i love the details on the heel tab of the 2.0's, labeled with 'the brand with the 3 stripes' the tag reminds me of a parachute tag/cord and also japanese design. the 3 stripes are made from a leatherette fabric and sit on a section that lifts away from the leopard underlay, giving the shoe a really nice layered construction feel, and one of great quality. in a nod to the women's release in classic leopard print the inside of this black colour way is lined with the cream leopard print giving it that extra detailed edge.

needless to say i am completely made up with them, worth all the stress and hassle to obtain them and a really lovely shoe silhouette! please adidas i want to see more women's releases like this!

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