Tuesday, 1 October 2013


today i was stoked to be hooked up by bombtrack bikes to get my dreeeeeam bike from them in germany! being that its going to be my first fix wheeled bike, i was being super picky on the frame and style i wanted to go for! the divide frame is perfect, i can't wait for it to arrive! though i am not looking forward to falling off trying to adjust myself to not casually coasting down hills.

so, i started looking into a bunch of accessories i could buy for when riding my new bike - foot-straps, bags, lights e.t.c and thats when i stumbled across restrap

restrap are a homegrown brand from yorkshire, who dedicate time into creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing bike accessories and clothing. the brand started life as a bedroom brand created by nathan hughes and has now blossomed through hard work into a fully fledged leeds independent operating from their own workshop.

the brand pride themselves on innovation, using recycled fabrics within their products and also designs that have a real bespoke edge to them. everything is handmade, something which i love! and being a team of cycle fanatics, they are constantly reaching out to broaden their product ranges - now venturing into frames and parts design. each product is launched after being extensively tested under every condition to ensure each product is durable and performs perfectly.

the brand are also linked with the north race a non profit organisation striving to create a cycling community through events, parties and all things north. bringing people together from all levels of cycling experience to create a central hub of knowledge and friendship.

below are a few of my favourite products from the brand, check them out and make a purchase of some bespoke, handmade commuter products! i'm sold on their foot-straps, which i will be hoping to get hold of once my new bike arrives - viva la yorkshire!

check out my product selects below -


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