Friday, 15 November 2013

rockwell by parra - survivor collection

so as you may know i am a ginormous parra fan, he could pretty much draw an illustration and set it in his famous colour palette on anything and i would buy it - i've popped some pictures of favourite pieces from my ever growing parra collection in for your viewing pleasure!

so when i spied today the new collection was due to release at 15:00CET i became so very overexcited! especially after seeing the images crop up of what will be available in the collection - needless to say the collection excels the last one with phone cases, key rings, bags, jackets and t-shirts and another brilliant skateboard deck design (AT LAST!)

i'm poised and ready to rock when it goes on sale and it's safe to say the skateboard deck will be coming home with me - or else! and be sure to have your trigger finger ready when it hits release time! 

check out the pictures of my favourite items below! PARRA I LOVE YOU!

rockwelll by parra online store


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