Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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ikea space concept design interiors homewares

recently i've been having the typical mid-year stress of lease renewal on my apartment. the first idea was to move to a larger property within the same complex, or swap and go up in the world and buy. with not quite the perfect property available, its ideal to just stay in my current apartment.

i'm super OCD when it comes to adding in furniture, along with being completely useless with storage and creative ways to utilise the space - the apartment is by no means small and i want to be more space-savvy and clever in the way the property is laid out. i've pulled together some inspirations of ways i would love to rework the space, i'm feeling pretty inspired.

i'm really into having a full black and white house, i love scandinavian design and minimalism - ikea offer up plenty of options to fit my monochrome theme and all at a very affordable price point. i want to begin to experiment with shelving, in particular the stolmen series for use as a tv unit and space to store some of my vinyl collections. the kitchen is another area i struggle with, i always want everything off the worktop! magnetic knife racks and metal chef style shelving are a perfect way to keep everything together, so we have as much work space as possible!

ikea hacks is full of creative ideas for incorporating and editing the brands furniture to create new storage solutions. my kitten arrives home at the end of june, so we're going to create some fun climbing areas for her so the space is as much hers as ours - along with keeping things hidden such as toy boxes and litter trays. i love everything to be crisp and clean and i don't want her cat tree to stand out like a sore thumb amongst our furniture!

arriving perfectly timed, is the ikea PS 2014 collection. titled 'on the move' the collection takes inspiration from the way people live today, often in an unconventional space and not for very long! the collection is aimed at urban people 'living for the moment'.

the collection is available online now and is nothing less than fantastic - a lot of it is on my wish list at the moment.

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ikea space concept design interiors homewares

ikea space concept design interiors homewares

ikea space concept design interiors homewares


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