Monday, 21 July 2014

your tea : 14 day detox!

yourtea 14 day detox review - detox, healthy eating, cleanse, antioxidant

a few weeks ago, the team over at sent me over a 14 day detox to try out. tiny tea uses a heap of chinese medicine herbs, based upon ancient medicinal purposes to ease bloating, aid digestion and give you a boost of energy!

i suffer with exhaustion, anxiety and generally feeling a bit flat through the working week - so i jumped at the chance of being able to test the tea out! through the day i am a water drinker, with the odd cup of yorkshire tea - i love green tea, but find when drinking it to detox it can fall bland on your palette.

i drank 3 cups of the tea a day, over the 14 day period and thoroughly enjoyed it. it tasted lovely, now i've finished the 14 day pack i'm quite sad - other teas just do not taste the same! 

i did feel a difference in my energy levels and how i felt in myself, gone was the sluggish feeling of a monday morning - and it really did feel like it was helping my body to work! i love detox programmes and cleansing, but there is always the worry of it upsetting your body too much. i found's tiny tea to be gentle on my tummy, not using any shock chemicals to jump start it! come payday i'll be purchasing another pack, as i just cant do without!

check out the brands webstore here, along with their instagram which showcases some wonderful feedback!

yourtea 14 day detox review - detox, healthy eating, cleanse, antioxidant

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