Thursday, 25 September 2014

trainer of the day: reebok classic leather pastel '30th anniversary'

really this style could be the trainer of the week, month, year...forever! i picked these up from chemicalrecords last year and i've forever regretted since not doubling up! after umming and ahhhhing for weeks over purchasing them (being an all black outfit girl, colour isn't my strong point) i finally caved and clicked purchase.

the 30th anniversary collection consisted of four pastel colourways for women in the classic leather suede - baby pink, lilac, yellow and a creamy tan. each style featured a celebratory tongue label with an iconic reebok 30th anniversary embroidered tag.

reebok has to be one of my favourite brands, i used to always be in a pair of reebok classics when i was younger and find them to be super comfy and easy to wear. i've been styling them up with my motel moons and stars babydoll, which is my favourite (picture below, sorry for my kittens toy watermelon in the background - ooops) - the pink just adds a gorgeous girly colour pop! also my asos mesh sleeved skater dress works a treat, styled with my portland from shore projects.

sadly they are in need of some jason markk treatment, after i decided to do the adidas leeds store shop fit in them! but now payday has rolled around, i'm going to treat myself to a pair of the classic leather seasonal trainers which are available now, and act as a great alternative and will stop me trashing my 30th anniversary ones!

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