Tuesday, 20 January 2015

i'll bring you flowers

debenhams flower delivery valentines day occasion bouquet floral arrangements

today i received a really exciting and beautiful delivery c/o debenhams flowers, who have just launched their 2015 valentines arrangements online - giving you plenty of time to make that perfect selection!

with prices starting from a very reasonable £14.99 for a classic single red rose, going up to £100 for 100 red spray roses, there are a number of bouquets available for any budget or taste. i was sent the lilac and white roses bouquet, i absolutely love the lilac roses - which are actually more of a dusty pink in reality. the bouquet is well arranged, with a dozen roses and rustic countryside style foliage. the stems are also cut to fit perfectly into a standard size vase.

the bouquet arrived in a sturdy, classic debenhams lilac box (which coco had a ton of fun playing in) complete with rose food. i really was impressed with the packaging, so many times i've seen flowers arrive in a bag or wrapped in paper and it's such a shame for them to get squashed!

debenhams classic occasion bouquets are available here and the brand are also offering 25% off flower delivery and valentines delivery bouquets with code: DFBLOG25 at the checkout.

debenhams flower delivery valentines day occasion bouquet floral arrangements

debenhams flower delivery valentines day occasion bouquet floral arrangements

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

new balance 574 'nyx' custom

new balance made in the usa custom design new balance uk made by me

you might remember my previous new balance 574 custom post (here), new balance uk were so kind to send me a unique voucher code which enabled me to make up another pair utilising the new custom options online. sadly, the option is still only available in the US, so its time to call in a favour from a friend overseas if you want to make up your own pair!

i opted again for the 574 silhouette, i was super excited to make a reverse colourway to my 'orcas', but the new autumn/winter colourway options didn't feature any pastel colours (sob!). after much debate i decided to take some inspiration from the asics 'leatherback' release, so i went for a black and dark grey suede mix, with synthetic details - which later turned out to be 3M!


january blues - p.s. i'm back!

i've been majorly m.i.a in the blogger world! i've been having a tough few months and it's just left me with zero time/energy to check in with anything! i'm in the process of an unplanned life overhaul which is consisting of job hunting, trying to stay afloat money wise and a bit of soul searching in the process.

besides all the job applications, interviews and CV re-writes, i've mostly been hanging out with my cat coco and trying to work out exactly what i want to do with my life. for so long i've always worked within the trainer and sportswear industry, but with this (unwelcome) life overhaul it's given me the chance to regroup and consider other, possibly more fulfilling career industries. it's not that i don't love everything and anything to do with sports brands and of course the fashion - it's just i think it's time to separate my hobby, from my career choice.


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