Sunday, 18 January 2015

january blues - p.s. i'm back!

i've been majorly m.i.a in the blogger world! i've been having a tough few months and it's just left me with zero time/energy to check in with anything! i'm in the process of an unplanned life overhaul which is consisting of job hunting, trying to stay afloat money wise and a bit of soul searching in the process.

besides all the job applications, interviews and CV re-writes, i've mostly been hanging out with my cat coco and trying to work out exactly what i want to do with my life. for so long i've always worked within the trainer and sportswear industry, but with this (unwelcome) life overhaul it's given me the chance to regroup and consider other, possibly more fulfilling career industries. it's not that i don't love everything and anything to do with sports brands and of course the fashion - it's just i think it's time to separate my hobby, from my career choice.

the daily search goes on, but as i've had 2 months away from work, i feel i've been able to take steps to find myself as a person. i've made plenty of bad decisions throughout 2014, along with plenty of good ones - so i've been able to reflect. 

i struggle with terrible anxiety, to the point where things become unmanageable and i literally can't get out of bed - but through taking time to realise situations which cause this, i seem to be now able to manage and deal with issues myself, before they reach that point. after the most horrendous few months and really the most horrendous year, i was glad to see the back of 2014. holding hope things begin to work out soon, but for now back on board with blogging again!

positive thoughts and vibes heading into 2015! - and I hope this year brings lots of adventures!

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